PROCAZUCAR designs and builds facilities and plants for the sectors: sugar and biofuels. We specialize in engineering design, construction, training and startup of plants and plant processing stations food-beverage, bio-energy (biofuels and electricity cogeneration) and chemical processes.


• Process Control Software Sugar Factories.

• Sugar Technical Assessment Process.

• Training and Development induction.

• Analysis of bioenergy potential.

• Biotechnology bioenergetic analysis possibilities.

• Feasibility Studies Analysis and Control of Operations.

• Analysis of Investment Projects.

• Research and development of bio-products.

• Liquid Sugar refineries and Micro-crystallized.

• Drying Systems and Conditioning Sugar.

• Distilleries drinking alcohol and Ethanol fuel.

• Projects Ethanol-mill from sugar cane, with Electric Cogeneration from bagasse.

• Reconversion projects for sugar factories, for sugar production and ethanol fuel.

• Effluent treatment systems.

• Co-generation projects.

• Research and Development of projects.

• Turnkey Projects

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